February Sunshine


This week the rain subsided and a nice Arizona warm front came through Sedona.  Although the creek wasn’t back to normal, Cheech and I made the best of the days.  We met up with Steve from UpRiver Outdoors again for a great hike and scout mission on Oak Creek.

This week’s fly fishing also took us to Clear Creek.  Much like Oak Creek, it was still swollen from the rain, but getting much clearer.  We should have much more activity in a week when our stream return from being washed out!

Risen Fly Double Barrel

Risen Fly Double Barrel



Washed Away

Last week brought Sedona and Coconino County some of the best rains we have had for about 6 months.  Arizona as whole needs the rain, at the same time it makes for literally no fishing.  Snow melt from Flagstaff combined with the rain put Oak Creek and the Verde River up about 3 feet.  The tail end of the disturbance brought 2″ of snow the area as well.

After waiting out the storm, I made contact with Steve Grant from Phoenix.  Steve is the founder of Up River Outdoors, to be opening up this summer. I met Steve on Twitter @UpRiverOutdoors and we decided to spend a day at the creek discussing a simpler way of fly fishing. The kind that has a fixed line attached to the end of the rod, and does not have a reel, that is currently being manufactured for people who want to get back to the roots of fly fishing before reels were used. A rod that could be used for small stream fishing. Simple to cast and a great way to introduce anyone to fly fishing. Telescopes down from 10 feet to 21 inches and under 3 ounces in weight. At the roots of fly fishing, around 200 A.D. , fly fishing had its beginnings as a rod, line and a feathered hook. As this form of fishing grew and spread wooden reels and then iron reels came into existence in the 1600’s.  I learned a lot from Steve as we got in a good hike on a seemly nice day, despite creek conditions.  Follow us and Steve on his adventure coming soon this summer!

“I want to give the ability for anyone at any skill level access to enjoying the outdoors!”
“We complicate everything all the time. I want to carry gear that is simple and helpful for others to enjoy nature their own way and to follow there own passion outdoors!” -Steve

Steve was kind enough to snap a few shots along the way.  Thanks Steve!


Warmer Arizona Weather Yields Good Times on Oak Creek


This past week brought Vic and I a much needed warm spell that welcomed a lot more activity to Oak Creek and Beaver Creek.  We welcomed Tim and his wife from Colorado to spend the day on the water with us.  A brisk morning gave way to t-shirt like conditions around lunchtime.  The fish were definitely more active, which was a plus.  We hooked into quite a few fish as a result.  A nice BWO hatch made it even better.  We had a great day of fishing and conversations from leader length to the Colorado back country.

We also headed over to Beaver Creek this week for a great hike and some fun fishing.  Again a nice warm day that actually brought a sweat!  Views from Beaver Creek were amazing and we actually had the creek to ourselves.  Small pools provided challenging access and red rock plateaus made for a great day, reminding us why we do this and what it means to us!


Stompin in the Snow

Our new sticker...YES!

Our new sticker…YES!

This past week’s adventure was a recon one.  Vic lost….misplaced his guide bag, thankfully he found it quietly resting creek side in the Canyon.


A bitter cold week with temps in the teens makes for long days on Oak Creek.  We braved the chill and had a good couple of days fishing.  We decided to investigate, as all fly fisherman do, to the wonders of sunken sticks and logs.  What we found was about the norm for winter in Sedona…


Black DragonFly

Black DragonFly





Vic and I are looking forward to the warmer weather next week and spring fly fishing in Sedona!


Oak Creek, Sedona Jan 10th 2013


With Vic at about 91.7% of his health back we headed to Oak Creek Canyon for the morning.  We arrived at one of our favorite spots around 8am, turns out we were the only souls to brave the chilly temps.  A quick chat with Ranger Frank and we were off, headed up stream.


After 20 minutes of fighting his 6X, Cheech finally got a line in the water and produced a few holdover stockers.  While this was very entertaining, we pursueded each other that we need to find the browns, and continued upstream.  The water was clear as bell and we did see a few fish darting around which was promising given the current winter conditions.  It actually warmed up about 10 degrees as we marched northward.

"You gotta hole in your what?!"

“You gotta hole in your what?!”

Side note:  I realized I now have a small hole in my breathables from the march down past John McCains house from 4 days ago, thanks cactus.

Nothing to speak of for about 2 hours, then on one of the final casts of the morning I reeled in the mother load.  A 19″ Brown that I had probably seen when I fell in two weeks ago (same hole).  A really nice fish.  The biggest fish of 2013 in Sedona.  Stay in touch as next week Cheech and I head to Beaver Creek!



Risen Fly 5/6 of course!

SlideRock6 SlideRock7




Lee’s Ferry January 2013 Fly Fishing Adventure


The 2013 Fly Fishing season started off with an exciting trip to one of Vic and I’s favorite spots, Lee’s Ferry!  The drive started at 4am and we traveled through a cold -3 degree Flagstaff toward Marble Canyon.  We arrived at Cliff Dwellers Lodge around 10am and geared up!  The weather was cold and the water was flowing fast.  Vic started the day off with a 13 inch rainbow on the first cast!  It didn’t let up the entire trip.

100_2396 100_2392

Vic and I started at the Paria River flow and caught quite a number of pre-spawn rainbows for about 3 hours.


We headed up to the big boulder area to see what was going on.  We braved a mean current, one miss step and it could have been a trip ender!

100_2374 100_2360 100_2366

The above picture is from the second day, a really nice rainbow.  All and all the trip was tremendous and a bonus was that it was Vic and I and an angler from Sedona and that was it!  Great time to go.  Ask us for details on our next trip Feb 20th thru the 23rd!

“Hook’n with Heroes 2013” Fly Fishing Program


Happy New Year to all.  We would like to announce our newest program to run throughout all of 2013 for Fly Fishing in Sedona.  It’s called “Hook’n with Heroes 2013”.  We wanted to help give back to the men and women that have given and continue to give us our freedom.  Any US Veteran booking a guide or service with us in 2013 will receive 20% off the bill!  So if you visit Sedona Fly Fishing Adventures and want to book a guided fishing tour AND you are current or discharged military, show us your ID or DD214.  Wishing all of our followers and new fans a blessed and prosperous 2013, let’s RIP SOME LIP!


Oak Creek Christmas


Off on another adventure.  This time a solo mission.  Vic came down with the flu and couldn’t make the Christmas morning venture.  I started out with a cup of coffee tying some new tippet on my leaders, debating on a productive area.  I knew of a few pools on Oak Creek just above Slide Rock that hold some browns with some size.  Facing 24 degrees at the house, I knew that the canyon temps would be in the teens.  Risen Fly armed, off I went, gas is on the right.

OCXmas4 OCXmas

After a short hike down over the cliffs I made my way to the secluded area that held the fish I was looking for.  Today was a weird day I thought, something wasn’t quite right, but I moved on and on.  I sight casted to 4 larger browns with no avail.  They were somewhat dormant I suppose.  My trusted go to flies hit the water and drifted wihout even a glance.  I felt adventurous so I decided to somewhat scale a cliff side that was about waist deep to get to another outlet….bad idea.  My Spiderman tactics landed me in the drink.  It was a slow submergion…my explicitives were heard by a few ravens and that is all.  My waders were full, my teeth were chattering and I was done.  After taking a soggy rock climb back to the truck I headed for home and the fireplace.  Well played Oak Creek, you win today.




Tuzigoot Adventure 12/11/12

TuzigootBrian Tuzigoothook2


Vic and I had some downtime in the guiding this week, so we ventured to a beautiful area just outside of Cottonwood, AZ.  Tuzigoot National Monument NPS.  We didn’t make it to the pueblo built by the Sinagua people in 1000 AD, but we did find an adventure!  We were greeted by an inspiring Bald Eagle among the 50 foot towering cliffs, near the bird sanctuary lies some impressive water of the Verde River.  We arrived around noon not knowing what to expect, what we got was an unimproved BLM road leading to the cliffs.  After much pondering and hiking with no way down, we stumbled across a crevice leading to the enticing water!  After a few cast of the fly rod we knew we had struck pay dirt!  A nice 14 inch Roundtail Chub on a green Krystal Bugger.  We headed downstream to access across the 60 yard expanse of the Verde.  Wide open casting provided hours of catching and practicing slinging a country mile!  At 230pm a nice hatch of what we thought were Cahill’s appeared and the fish community went berserk!  Shaking to tie on a dry fly was nerve racking, you know that feeling to get the line in the water quickly!  We continued to catch the Roundtail all day.  From local reports there are trout, we are still on the hunt and have place this trip on our weekly schedule!

TuzigootChub1  Tuzigoothook VicTuzi

Oak Creek Report 12/8/2012


Hello and thanks for visiting us.  First blog, so here we go.  Vic and I have been really putting the miles on our wading boots over the past two weeks.  Our mission is simple, crack the code.  Seems that this warm spell has really thrown some rocks into the water.  Upper Oak Creek has been interesting to say the least.  Warm days have provided a few browns and stocker rainbows from Bootlegger to Cave Springs.  Lower Oak Creek has been somewhat of a different chapter, with rainbows taking flashbacks like they are going out of style.  Red Rock State Park to Page Springs is fishing well and not as cold as up in the Canyon.  This coming week temps are dropping into the 20’s in the Canyon and upper 40’s to 50’s in Sedona.  We are breaking out the neoprenes this week and hanging up the breathables for a few months.



We also want to welcome our new sponser Risen Fly.  We are currently fishing the Ichthus 5/6 with a 4wt line.  Thes reels are exceptional in functionality and fish really well.  Contact Risen Fly for an outstanding reel at an affordable price!  Thanks Ryan!