Waiting for Spring in Sedona

Hello everyone, it’s been a while since we have published a blog.  Victor and I are rolling into our 7th year guiding Oak Creek here in Sedona.  It’s been a journey of exploration, experience, and appreciation.  Just a quick note to thank all of our returning clients and our new clients we have met and had the pleasure of fly fishing with.  We are excited about 2019, here’s why:

The “Winter” season here in Northern Arizona has been a very wet one.  The wettest one we’ve experienced in years.  We received 15″ of snow in town, February 21st – 23rd.  This is good for two reasons; one we needed the moisture for the high desert, two Oak Creek needed a good flush.  Water levels reached flood stage at 14,000 cfs (cubic feet per second) mid February, and has been a rollercoaster for 30 days.

The high flows have restructured the creek.  There are drastic improvements in flow along Oak Creek.  Debris and sediment has been washed out onto the banks.  This is evident  from Uptown all the way up to Pine Flats Campground.  Boulders the size of Matt McFee’s old Prius have been dislodged and replaced forming new runs, pillows and chutes.  New freestone shelves and riffles have popped up along the way.  This is exciting for getting clients out, almost like fishing “new” water.  

In our experience over the years, water events like this lead to hungry brown trout.  Brown trout as a species are territorial, but do travel to feed.  Some fish may have moved downstream and more than likely have stayed in the same pool.  Trout do feed in high water, they have to.  Food sources come rushing by and get dumped into slack water where these guys and gals hold up during the flood.  Do they eat more? I doubt it.  They will be on the hunt when the water comes down!  Arizona Game and Fish resumes stocking Mid-March with rainbow trout along Oak Creek.  Lots of opportunity to get bent!

Our may fly hatch is one of the best in the Western US, which really cranks up in April and May, along with Caddis and Grey Drakes.  If you haven’t booked your Sedona Fly Fishing trip, please head over to the website and book now!  We are pretty much booked for the spring, but have select dates available for you and your family.  We take all levels of anglers from beginners to expert level.  Make your trip to Red Rock country one to remember!

T-shirts and Hats are back in stock for the season and check out some of our partners for flies, waders, and nets!  

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Brian and Victor

Sedona Fly Fishing Adventures


December in Sedona 2014

Winter is right around the corner here in Sedona! Cold mornings are giving way to beautiful afternoons in the Canyon. Fly fishing on Oak Creek is holding strong. The stocking of rainbow trout ceased in early October, but the elusive brown trout are still active.  The Slide Fire which burnt approximately 36,000 acres back in May hasn’t had much impact on the waterway itself.  We were a little nervous about the fish kill and access points on the creek.  Some said it would kill all the fish, some said it wouldn’t, well I can personally tell you it has not killed the wild brown trout population.  There are some areas that the silt flow into the creek was high and produced a beach like environment, filling in some of the holes that held fish, this is not true for most of the creek however.  It will probably take about 2-3 years of snow melt and monsoon to wash the silt downstream and clear the holes.

We have had some great trips over the last three months with clients from Sweden, California, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas, Toronto, British Columbia, Mexico, Florida and the list goes on!  One of the biggest wild brown trout was caught in early November by our client Tom from Canada in the upper canyon!  A 28″ 5-7 lb bruiser of a male brown.

28" 5lb Brown from Oak Creek

28″ 5lb Brown from Oak Creek

As the year draws to a close, I wanted to remind everyone that we have gift certificates available for the Christmas Season.  If you have a die hard fly fisherman or a loved one that always wanted to give it a shot, what a better gift than a guided trip on Oak Creek in beautiful Sedona!  Email us at sedonaflyfishing@gmail.com or call 928-451-0492 to get yours today.





A little reminder to visitors coming in the March-May timeframe, this is our busiest season and those wanting to fish with us please call in advance.  We typically book 2 months in advance of the spring season.  Thank you and see you on the water!

Tight Lines,


Winter Fishing in Sedona 2014

We have been very lucky this winter with our temperature in Sedona through 2014.  Highs reaching mid to upper 60’s has kept the fishing good.  Deeper nymph rigs and dry-dropper rigs have proven to still be catching fish.  The Brown Trout spawn took place a little earlier than expected and the bite has resumed, with quite a few hold over Rainbow trout still in the Canyon.  Water temps are hovering around 42-48 degrees.  No snow in Flagstaff is making us wonder if we will have a run off mid-March or not.  The creek does seem to be up about 6 inches and flowing really clear.  Victor and I have taken a few trips and guides to the Verde River as well this winter.  The Verde has not disappointed as we have been catching a lot of trout in combination with some aggressive Roundtails.  Silver Creek has been fishing great as well, huge Rainbows and awesome Apache Trout!  Over the last 3 months we have had clients from 10 states and 3 different countries!  All have been a pleasure to guide and a lot of fun to fish with.

What does a full time fly fishing guide do during Winter months?  Although we have had numerous guides, Victor and I have been keeping busy tying up flies for the upcoming Spring kick-off and what else….fishing.  A lot of research and development goes into running a guide service believe it or not.  Figuring out hatches from our notes on previous seasons, working with our vendors, and streamlining the processes that go into booking a rewarding trip for our clients.   Victor is teaching a Fly Fishing 101 course in Cottonwood at Olli College which is full of great information and a must if you would like to get into Fly Fishing and don’t know where to begin.  Sign up to learn from one of the best in the business at Olli College!  Throughout the winter I have met some great people in the industry and in Arizona.  Check out Jason and Kristen over at AZ By the Fly, they have a great blog and cool website.  Look for our Carp Commander Adventure coming soon with Ryan Russell from Phoenix!

We look forward to our upcoming guide with Cabela’s, next month, as they shoot a great instructional tutorial on fly fishing with Victor and I on Oak Creek, pictures and videos to follow.  March – May are starting to fill up as it is one of our busiest seasons, be sure to inquire and book your trip in advance!

Here are a few shots from the last couple months!  Enjoy and tight lines!


Silver Creek Bow

Silver Creek Bow

Game Planning

Game Planning

Carp Commander!

Carp Commander!






Fall Fishing on Oak Creek


Welcome to the fall blog for Sedona Fly Fishing Adventures!  Victor and I have had a very busy fall, showing clients the beauty of Oak Creek.  Visitors from Florida, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Texas, Georgia, California, Iowa, England, Mexico, and Canada have made the fall fishing season great!  Temps are starting to drop in the canyon to the 30’s in the morning and warming into the 60’s and 70’s in the afternoon.  The fishing has been great with more to come.  Our hatch has become later and later each week and the fish are showing more activity during the flurry of bugs.  We also have had some great trips to Silver Creek!  If you’re planning a fall trip to Sedona, don’t hesitate to get in the best Adventure in the area, Oak Creek has more than just hiking!  Thanks to all and here are some shots from the last month.


VicPageResize KenResize DerrickResize



Oak Creek Rainbow

Oak Creek Rainbow

Oak Creek Brown

Oak Creek Brown


Silver Creek Rainbow

Silver Creek Rainbow

The boys!

The boys!

Silver Creek Rainbow

Silver Creek Rainbow

SC Rainbow

SC Rainbow

Silver Creek Apache

Silver Creek Apache

Silver Creek Rainbow

Silver Creek Rainbow

Silver Creek Rainbow

Fall is on the Way


Fall is on the way in Sedona!  A big thanks to our clients from Florida, New Jersey x 3, North Carolina, British Columbia, and Phoenix.  Victor and I are starting to see the cooler morning temperatures, as well as hatch changes and much needed water level rises.  We recently had Monsoon rains which put a rise of about 2 feet on Oak Creek.  A few trips ended up being cancelled or delayed, but we are clear and back to normal flows.  The water temp is still hovering around 54-57 degrees.  If you are planning a trip be sure and pack a fleece or two for our early morning starts as it has been a bit chilly in the canyon.  Catching any fish you say?  Well yes, we have some really successful days on Oak Creek, 10-15 fish days have been the norm, with lengths up to 19″.  Olive has been the magic color for us in September, not matter what we are throwing, it is Olive!  Here is a note on helping us clean up our favorite waterway:

Friends of Oak Creek invite you to join them at 8:30 am Saturday, September 21 at Indian Gardens 8375 SR 89A to help clean up areas of Oak Creek. Cumulative totals of trash removed by the FOC and Oak Creek Ambassadors topped 2500 lbs, 30 lbs of feces and 42 diapers. Gear, except gloves, will be provided. Contact Kathy at kathy@oakcreekwatershed.org or visit oakcreekwatershed.org for more information.  

Also a quick note, please join the Sedona Fly Fishing Adventures crew as we will be at the ISE Phoenix show February 20th-23rd at the Glendale arena.  We will have you chance to sign up for the 2014 season as well as our custom Oak Creek rods and our other sponsors gear for sale!!  Here are a few shots from the month, we look forward to seeing you on the water!






Oak Creek Fly Fishing

Welcome to the August blog for Sedona Fly Fishing Adventures!  Victor and I have been having a lot of fun with clients from Boston, Los Angeles, Tennessee, Michigan, Pennsylvania, The Netherlands, Phoenix, Sedona and Florida!  The monsoon has taken it’s punches and we have prevailed!  Water flow is steady at 100 cf and temps in the upper canyon at 56 degrees.  Early morning mayflies and spinners have prevailed and caught outstanding numbers of Brown and Rainbow trout.  Fire restrictions and bans have lifted.  The green has definitely came around in the canyon and continues to provide great cover for sneaking up on spooky fish.  We want to thank the members of the clean up crew from the Oak Creek Watershed and Friends of the Forest for the outstanding job they do cleaning up after some of our visitors that don’t know how to pack in and pack out.  Please remember to clean up after you use our waterways!  We look forward to your next adventure with us!  We are excited to finish up the summer with strong fishing and great experiences for our clients.  The fall fishing season is right around the corner!  Book it and Hook it!

Here are some shots from the last couple of weeks!


100_4226 100_4084


Tight Lines in Sedona

Two weeks are left in July and the fishing is strong.  We have had some cloud covered mornings with breaks of sunshine.  Welcoming the monsoons in the afternoon, bringing us some much needed rain.  Discharge is staying steady at 60-65 cfs, with a bit of a jump yesterday from 0.35″ of Monsoon rain.  Water temp in the upper canyon is 56-58 degrees.  Cloudy days have slowed the hatch down a bit, but that hasn’t stop the bite or fish activity.  The National Forest Service has also lifted the ban of campfires, so all you campers can get your S’mores on.

We welcomed Steve, owner of UpRiverOutdoors.com and Mike from Fire Station 4 in Surprise, AZ as they tackled the traditional form of fly fishing called Tenkara. Great day on the water!

IMG_3402 IMG_5605 IMG_3428 IMG_1998

Clients from Tucson, San Diego, Wisconsin and Virginia visited us and had a blast, some catching fish for the first time on a fly rod!

100_3909 100_3990 100_3965 photo

If you’re planning a trip to Sedona this fall, come visit us and take a trip with one of our professional guides!  We will take you into one of the most beautiful places on earth to experience a fly fishing adventure that will have you wanting more.  As the fall season approaches, please book in advance as we are filling up quickly!  We have partnered with Best Western Inn of Sedona, innofsedona.com, to provide you one of the best views in town while you stay and fish with us!  Don’t miss out.  Book it and Hook it!






Summer in Sedona Continues

The monsoon is arriving but the fishing remains strong in Sedona!  Temps have been high over the past two weeks, ranging from the 90’s to the 107’s!  Yikes.  Standing in Oak Creek with our clients proves to be the cooling factor that’s been needed.  The hatch is starting to turn to more summer time mayflies, with sounds of Cicada’s in the Canyon.  We have had visitors from Oregon, Oklahoma, Arizona, California, Washington, Tennessee, Florida, and my personal favorite Idaho!  Aileen Nishimura Ellis from MKflies.com and her family spent a day on the water with us!  We would also like to introduce the newest guide to our Crew, Paul Asbell.  Paul is an Arizona native with tons of experience on Oak Creek, his bio is on Our Guides page.  Look for more products on our Fly Shop page as we gear up for the fall season.  Book it and Hook it!


Aileen and the Fam!


Our new guide Paul

Here are some “first time on a fly rod” clients!

Summer in Sedona

Summer is here!  There is a buzz in the air on Oak Creek.  Not voices…cicada’s!  The hatch is blowing up as warm temperatures climb into the 90’s in the canyon.  Water temps are holding around 55.  Victor and I welcomed clients from California, New Jersey, Florida, Phoenix, Michigan and Boston.  We also fished with our youngest client Ryan from Florida, he is 6 years old and really enjoyed himself, catching his first Arizona rainbow on a fly rod! If you’re planning a trip to Sedona this summer, please join us for a great time on Oak Creek.  We are offering a 10% discount on all of our guides through the end of June.  A Father’s Day special that lasts all month!  Dress accordingly.  It is hot here in Sedona and can be very warm on the water.  We currently are changing our start time to 630am to avoid the really hot temps.  We are also launching our online retail section of Sedona Fly Fishing Adventures.  Look for our sponsors Rods, Reels and customized fly boxes coming soon!  Remember to treat our awesome creek with respect and leave no trace!  Tight lines and Book it and Hook it!

Here are some shots from June





May Ramps Up

As Victor and I draw close to wrapping up May, we have been so fortunate to fish with some great clients and have a blast on Oak Creek.  The fishing has been amazing with 20 fish days not uncommon.  Over the last 2 weeks we have had clients from Spain, Michigan, New York, Maryland, Cottonwood, Sedona, Phoenix, and a huge number of clients from California.  I had the honor and pleasure of fishing with a Brigadier General (Ret.), what a great experience.  Dry fly fishing for Rainbow and Brown trout does not get any better here in Sedona May through July.  Dragonflies and butterflies have really started showing up in the canyon, what a site!.  If you are visiting Sedona in June, we are looking forward to some great fishing and hope you’ll join us!  Here are some shots from the last 2 weeks.  Enjoy!