On to May

Today’s blog brings us yet another week of rewarding trips to Oak Creek.  We entertained visitors from Arkansas, Utah, Colorado, Scottsdale, Boston and my personal favorite Pennsylvania.  A not so calm Monday was followed by a spectacular Tuesday thru Sunday with temperatures in the mid 80’s.  Victor and I are starting to take notice of Dragonflies and Hoppers coming our way in the canyon.  Water flow continues to drop as some possible rain storms move in May 7th and 8th, after that it is clear skies and low winds.  We expect the fishing to stay strong in the upcoming week.

Don’t forget to stop by and visit Victor and I over in Prescott May 18th and 19th 9am to 4pm at the Prescott Go Outdoors event.  Come see Sportsman’s Warehouse among others.  Victor and I will have our booth decked out with Risen Fly Reels, True West Custom Rods, Oak Creek Custom Rods, MK Flies, and Simms all on display.  We will be answering questions on Arizona fishing, Oak Creek and guides are available for sign up throughout the summer here in Sedona, see you there!

Visit: www.frontier-village.com/event/go-outdoor for more info and directions!

Here are some shots from the week!


DSCN0228 DSCN0230





April Serves it Up


This week has brought us visitors from Cincinnati, British Columbia, New York, North Carolina, and Michigan.  They brought their A game for Oak Creek as well.  We have had spectacular weather along with spectacular fishing.  Most of the time this week Victor and I had a hard time packing it up for the day with our clients, as the fish continued to keep us busy.  The sun and warm conditions are providing a great double hatch for us on Oak Creek.  Pack your sun screen and break out the wading shorts, we are headed into the 80’s for the next 7 days!  Here are some great shots from the week.  Thanks to all our clients and sponsors!

This week in Sedona


Welcome to this week in Sedona!  We have had some excellant guides and great stories from around the country.  Weather has been beautiful with a small front that came thru this past Monday and Tuesday, with high winds and cooler temps.  It has turned around with a high pressure system that has brought our weather back to awesome.  If you’re thinking about a trip in April or May, it has been beautiful for wet wading.  Water temps are holding around 55.  The trout are definitly more active during a mid morning and late afternoon hatch of BWO’s.

Don’t forget about our show and booth at the “Go Outdoors” show over in Prescott May 17th – 19th.  Learn casting basics and maybe even some tips on fishing Northern Arizona!

Here are some shots from the week!

Lastly thanks to Aileen Ellis from MK Flies for stopping by and hooking us up with some sweet flies, we look forward to fishing with her in July!


Stay Dry Sedona

images (2)

The above picture is of the BWO or Blue Winged Olive of the Mayfly variety.  The dry fly season is upon us here in Sedona!  After a long winter and now 3 straight weeks of gorgeous temps in the mid 70’s, we have a full blown hatch going on everyday!  From the Canyon all the way to Tuzigoot, these little buggers are popping off like tic tacs.   The water temp is around 55 and staying put.  Victor and I have been wet wading and it feels great.  Water flow is great as well, with some of our favorite holes producing trout daily.  We received our shipment of custom rods from True West Custom Fly Rods, and I can tell you the rods are top notch.  Beautiful no doubt but very smooth, look for our review next week.  Thanks to Tony and Nathan for a great fly rod!  Below are some pics and a big thanks to our folks that spent time on the water with us, fishing and learning our passion!  Thank you!


DSCN0137 DSCN0135 DSCN0132

The Season is Here


The season is here!  After much pondering if the snow would ever give way to sunny skies and calm water, we finally made it!  Going on week 3 of great temperatures here in Sedona.  The signs of Spring gave way.  Spring Break has come upon Sedona quite quickly and Victor and I have been very busy.  We have enjoyed all of our guests and have had some really interesting stories and some good fishing.  The fish are becoming braver just like we expected, coming out of ledges and cracks where they have hidden for a few months.  AZ Fish and Game is now active in placing some of the Rainbows to grow big this season.  The Browns are loosening their jaws in the upper canyon.  Here are some pictures from the week.  Call or email to get in a great trip this Spring!!



100_2915 100_2871 100_2899

The Itch

I can probably attest to a majority of anglers when I say that Vic and I have an itch for some fishing.  It has been about a week now and we are just on the verge of Spring and dry fly season.  We look forward to packing away the waders and face masks.  In the meantime we tie flies and speculate about the upcoming season.  Here are a few shots from this week!  This past week has been beautiful weather wise, water….not so much.  We are still up about a foot.  The warm temps and sunshine is bringing the fishing back though.  Also welcome our boys from PA holding it down at CRO Flies, their blog is now on our blog roll.  They have some awesome shirts as well!  Thanks Josh

Climbing trees and helping clients!  Life is good!


Spring Swing

Spring is just around the corner, preparations have been made, phone calls completed, and new gear assembled.  The foot work has obviously been done.  Vic and I have put many miles on Oak Creek, amid the slips and falls, broken tips, wind knots, and tricky browns we are finally knocking on the new seasons door.  A small front is moving through the area today as I write this, but the forecast keeps the head up.  Temps in the 70’s are ahead next week.  Water temps even with the snow melt from Flagstaff are staying between 45-52 degrees.  BWO afternoon hatches are becoming more noticeable even in upper area’s of the canyon.

We are excited to have a great season and we hope you’ll join us on the water to enjoy what we enjoy!  Fly Fishing!

A quick side note; A big thanks to all of our sponsors for helping us get geared up for 2013.  If you are a new gear company or are interested in joining our sponsors, we would love to have you.  Whether via social media, web, or local advertising hook up with the best in the business!  We write reviews on your gear and we let the world know a good brand when we see it.  Thanks

Brian Mowers


Sedona Warming Up

The warm weather is back!  This week started a warming trend for us here in Sedona.  Temps will continue to climb over the next two weeks into the 70’s.  What does this mean?  Dry flies, that’s what.  Vic and I have seen quite a number of hatches on the water this week.  Steve from Up River Outdoors and I took notice of some beetles and Box Elder bugs along a great stretch.  Remember to check back in June for his website.  Oak Creek is a tad bit up but everything has settled down.  The water is quite cold with temps registared between 45 and 49 degrees, still waders are needed unless you’re tough and don’t mind numbness after 15 minutes.  SFFA will be attending it’s first Outdoor Show in May 2013 in Prescott, AZ.  Vic and I will be covering flycasting instruction, watershed conservation and awareness.  We are excited to showcase Risen Fly reels and accessories at the show too.  If you’re in the area May 17th thru the 19th, stop by and say hi.  Also on the calendar for June 5th, 2013 is a SFFA presentation called “Fly Fishing Oak Creek”.  Vic and I will go over some topics relating to getting out and getting it done on Oak Creek.  The venue is the AZ Fish and Game building in Flagstaff.  If you need more info, directions or are a sponsor looking to connect and showcase with us, just drop us a line!  Here are some pics from this week and a few from the Ferry that I dug up, enjoy!







Lee’s Ferry and Beyond


The Lee’s Ferry trip was a success!  Vic and I had a great 3 days of fishing and ran the boat around like two kids!  Alot of fish were taken on this trip from the beautiful sand bar scum lines.  Ranging from 8-20 inches.  The most productive fly I would have to say was the bead head wooly bugger.  Combo’s of Scud/Midge and Egg Patterns produced a few as well. It was however a little windy and pretty cold the second day, but we made the best of it!  We are going to schedule our next trip April 3rd thru the 5th.  We will have more info in about a week, but feel free to email us if interested in getting away on a GREAT fishing trip!

Above is a Risen Fly 5/6 and a healthy rainbow

A big thanks to our other friends for spending some time on the water with us!

More Snow in Sedona

Well…no fishing pictures this week guys.  Sedona was once again blanketed with about 6″ of snow, hindering our schedules and fishing.  Although it was beautiful, I got a bit of cabin fever tying flies.  The good news is that the snow has melted and sunshine is moving in for the upcoming week!  Vic and I are gearing up for our Lee’s Ferry adventure next week.  We are headed up next Weds for 3 days of outstanding fishing.  Check in next weeks blog for photos and video!