December in Sedona 2014

Winter is right around the corner here in Sedona! Cold mornings are giving way to beautiful afternoons in the Canyon. Fly fishing on Oak Creek is holding strong. The stocking of rainbow trout ceased in early October, but the elusive brown trout are still active.  The Slide Fire which burnt approximately 36,000 acres back in May hasn’t had much impact on the waterway itself.  We were a little nervous about the fish kill and access points on the creek.  Some said it would kill all the fish, some said it wouldn’t, well I can personally tell you it has not killed the wild brown trout population.  There are some areas that the silt flow into the creek was high and produced a beach like environment, filling in some of the holes that held fish, this is not true for most of the creek however.  It will probably take about 2-3 years of snow melt and monsoon to wash the silt downstream and clear the holes.

We have had some great trips over the last three months with clients from Sweden, California, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas, Toronto, British Columbia, Mexico, Florida and the list goes on!  One of the biggest wild brown trout was caught in early November by our client Tom from Canada in the upper canyon!  A 28″ 5-7 lb bruiser of a male brown.

28" 5lb Brown from Oak Creek

28″ 5lb Brown from Oak Creek

As the year draws to a close, I wanted to remind everyone that we have gift certificates available for the Christmas Season.  If you have a die hard fly fisherman or a loved one that always wanted to give it a shot, what a better gift than a guided trip on Oak Creek in beautiful Sedona!  Email us at or call 928-451-0492 to get yours today.





A little reminder to visitors coming in the March-May timeframe, this is our busiest season and those wanting to fish with us please call in advance.  We typically book 2 months in advance of the spring season.  Thank you and see you on the water!

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