Lee’s Ferry and Beyond


The Lee’s Ferry trip was a success!  Vic and I had a great 3 days of fishing and ran the boat around like two kids!  Alot of fish were taken on this trip from the beautiful sand bar scum lines.  Ranging from 8-20 inches.  The most productive fly I would have to say was the bead head wooly bugger.  Combo’s of Scud/Midge and Egg Patterns produced a few as well. It was however a little windy and pretty cold the second day, but we made the best of it!  We are going to schedule our next trip April 3rd thru the 5th.  We will have more info in about a week, but feel free to email us if interested in getting away on a GREAT fishing trip!

Above is a Risen Fly 5/6 and a healthy rainbow

A big thanks to our other friends for spending some time on the water with us!

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