Oak Creek Christmas


Off on another adventure.  This time a solo mission.  Vic came down with the flu and couldn’t make the Christmas morning venture.  I started out with a cup of coffee tying some new tippet on my leaders, debating on a productive area.  I knew of a few pools on Oak Creek just above Slide Rock that hold some browns with some size.  Facing 24 degrees at the house, I knew that the canyon temps would be in the teens.  Risen Fly armed, off I went, gas is on the right.

OCXmas4 OCXmas

After a short hike down over the cliffs I made my way to the secluded area that held the fish I was looking for.  Today was a weird day I thought, something wasn’t quite right, but I moved on and on.  I sight casted to 4 larger browns with no avail.  They were somewhat dormant I suppose.  My trusted go to flies hit the water and drifted wihout even a glance.  I felt adventurous so I decided to somewhat scale a cliff side that was about waist deep to get to another outlet….bad idea.  My Spiderman tactics landed me in the drink.  It was a slow submergion…my explicitives were heard by a few ravens and that is all.  My waders were full, my teeth were chattering and I was done.  After taking a soggy rock climb back to the truck I headed for home and the fireplace.  Well played Oak Creek, you win today.