Oak Creek, Sedona Jan 10th 2013


With Vic at about 91.7% of his health back we headed to Oak Creek Canyon for the morning.  We arrived at one of our favorite spots around 8am, turns out we were the only souls to brave the chilly temps.  A quick chat with Ranger Frank and we were off, headed up stream.


After 20 minutes of fighting his 6X, Cheech finally got a line in the water and produced a few holdover stockers.  While this was very entertaining, we pursueded each other that we need to find the browns, and continued upstream.  The water was clear as bell and we did see a few fish darting around which was promising given the current winter conditions.  It actually warmed up about 10 degrees as we marched northward.

"You gotta hole in your what?!"

“You gotta hole in your what?!”

Side note:  I realized I now have a small hole in my breathables from the march down past John McCains house from 4 days ago, thanks cactus.

Nothing to speak of for about 2 hours, then on one of the final casts of the morning I reeled in the mother load.  A 19″ Brown that I had probably seen when I fell in two weeks ago (same hole).  A really nice fish.  The biggest fish of 2013 in Sedona.  Stay in touch as next week Cheech and I head to Beaver Creek!



Risen Fly 5/6 of course!

SlideRock6 SlideRock7




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