Silver Creek Adventure

Silver CreekHold on to your rod and pack a lunch for the Silver Creek Adventure!  The Rainbow Trout in this stream are eating their Wheaties!  Ranging from 12″ to 25″ the Rainbow Trout are some of the most beautiful fish in the state.  The Nature Preserve also has the Apache Trout, a beautiful golden yellow native trout only found here in Arizona.  Silver Creek is an easy wade and not much of a hike, it can be enjoyed by all.

Brian Mowers' Fly Fishing Tours


A 2-1/2 hour ride from Sedona, this trip will put you in the scenic White Mountain area of Arizona.  We stay at the Silver Creek in on this 2-day adventure.

Silver Creek is a 45-mile-long (72 km) stream located in the White Mountains of Arizona north of Show Low.  The facility includes an 840-acre wildlife area that is open to the public for fishing and hunting. This is a popular destination and has opportunities for viewing all forms of wildlife. There is an established trail along the creek, but during wet weather the area is extremely muddy.  Use caution while traversing the hatchery property.  The hatchery is the primary facility for growing & stocking Apache trout, which are one of the state’s two native trout species (the other is the endangered Gila trout). The only place Apache trout can be caught in the world is the White Mountains of Arizona. Silver Creek is a small hatchery, producing about 80,000 catchable sized Apache trout each year. Apache trout are stocked into selected streams and lakes in the White Mountains, including Silver Creek, the East Fork of the Black River, West Fork of the Black River, Sheeps Crossing on the Little Colorado River, and the Little Colorado River at Greer.