Spring Swing

Spring is just around the corner, preparations have been made, phone calls completed, and new gear assembled.  The foot work has obviously been done.  Vic and I have put many miles on Oak Creek, amid the slips and falls, broken tips, wind knots, and tricky browns we are finally knocking on the new seasons door.  A small front is moving through the area today as I write this, but the forecast keeps the head up.  Temps in the 70’s are ahead next week.  Water temps even with the snow melt from Flagstaff are staying between 45-52 degrees.  BWO afternoon hatches are becoming more noticeable even in upper area’s of the canyon.

We are excited to have a great season and we hope you’ll join us on the water to enjoy what we enjoy!  Fly Fishing!

A quick side note; A big thanks to all of our sponsors for helping us get geared up for 2013.  If you are a new gear company or are interested in joining our sponsors, we would love to have you.  Whether via social media, web, or local advertising hook up with the best in the business!  We write reviews on your gear and we let the world know a good brand when we see it.  Thanks

Brian Mowers


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