Stay Dry Sedona

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The above picture is of the BWO or Blue Winged Olive of the Mayfly variety.  The dry fly season is upon us here in Sedona!  After a long winter and now 3 straight weeks of gorgeous temps in the mid 70’s, we have a full blown hatch going on everyday!  From the Canyon all the way to Tuzigoot, these little buggers are popping off like tic tacs.   The water temp is around 55 and staying put.  Victor and I have been wet wading and it feels great.  Water flow is great as well, with some of our favorite holes producing trout daily.  We received our shipment of custom rods from True West Custom Fly Rods, and I can tell you the rods are top notch.  Beautiful no doubt but very smooth, look for our review next week.  Thanks to Tony and Nathan for a great fly rod!  Below are some pics and a big thanks to our folks that spent time on the water with us, fishing and learning our passion!  Thank you!


DSCN0137 DSCN0135 DSCN0132

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