This week in Sedona


Welcome to this week in Sedona!  We have had some excellant guides and great stories from around the country.  Weather has been beautiful with a small front that came thru this past Monday and Tuesday, with high winds and cooler temps.  It has turned around with a high pressure system that has brought our weather back to awesome.  If you’re thinking about a trip in April or May, it has been beautiful for wet wading.  Water temps are holding around 55.  The trout are definitly more active during a mid morning and late afternoon hatch of BWO’s.

Don’t forget about our show and booth at the “Go Outdoors” show over in Prescott May 17th – 19th.  Learn casting basics and maybe even some tips on fishing Northern Arizona!

Here are some shots from the week!

Lastly thanks to Aileen Ellis from MK Flies for stopping by and hooking us up with some sweet flies, we look forward to fishing with her in July!


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