Warmer Arizona Weather Yields Good Times on Oak Creek


This past week brought Vic and I a much needed warm spell that welcomed a lot more activity to Oak Creek and Beaver Creek.  We welcomed Tim and his wife from Colorado to spend the day on the water with us.  A brisk morning gave way to t-shirt like conditions around lunchtime.  The fish were definitely more active, which was a plus.  We hooked into quite a few fish as a result.  A nice BWO hatch made it even better.  We had a great day of fishing and conversations from leader length to the Colorado back country.

We also headed over to Beaver Creek this week for a great hike and some fun fishing.  Again a nice warm day that actually brought a sweat!  Views from Beaver Creek were amazing and we actually had the creek to ourselves.  Small pools provided challenging access and red rock plateaus made for a great day, reminding us why we do this and what it means to us!


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