Washed Away

Last week brought Sedona and Coconino County some of the best rains we have had for about 6 months.  Arizona as whole needs the rain, at the same time it makes for literally no fishing.  Snow melt from Flagstaff combined with the rain put Oak Creek and the Verde River up about 3 feet.  The tail end of the disturbance brought 2″ of snow the area as well.

After waiting out the storm, I made contact with Steve Grant from Phoenix.  Steve is the founder of Up River Outdoors, to be opening up this summer. I met Steve on Twitter @UpRiverOutdoors and we decided to spend a day at the creek discussing a simpler way of fly fishing. The kind that has a fixed line attached to the end of the rod, and does not have a reel, that is currently being manufactured for people who want to get back to the roots of fly fishing before reels were used. A rod that could be used for small stream fishing. Simple to cast and a great way to introduce anyone to fly fishing. Telescopes down from 10 feet to 21 inches and under 3 ounces in weight. At the roots of fly fishing, around 200 A.D. , fly fishing had its beginnings as a rod, line and a feathered hook. As this form of fishing grew and spread wooden reels and then iron reels came into existence in the 1600’s.  I learned a lot from Steve as we got in a good hike on a seemly nice day, despite creek conditions.  Follow us and Steve on his adventure coming soon this summer!

“I want to give the ability for anyone at any skill level access to enjoying the outdoors!”
“We complicate everything all the time. I want to carry gear that is simple and helpful for others to enjoy nature their own way and to follow there own passion outdoors!” -Steve

Steve was kind enough to snap a few shots along the way.  Thanks Steve!


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